Five Things Friday ~ 3-3-17

1. this week in reading


I’m finally reading Harry Potter again. I read the first few books about 7 years ago and decided this is the year I finally finish this series. To be honest, it was following J.K. Rowling and her awesomeness on Twitter that gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Also a sweet deal for the box set on Book Outlet.


2. New Books I’m excited about

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3. fun thing(s) from the week

Work may not seem like fun to most people, but I started my new job this week, and I’m really enjoying it. I worked more hours than originally planned, but that was mostly due to the fact my new laptop wasn’t set up correctly and the help desk had to spend a lot of time working out the kinks. It resulted in a few extra hours and later days, but now everything is fixed and working (KNOCK ON WOOD). I ended up getting to work from home on Wednesday, and got to leave today at 2:00. Now I sit here blogging and drinking a glass of wine. 😉 Plus I’m off on Monday, so yay!

Sunnie got her second report card from school, and I am so proud of her. I know it’s just kindergarten, but she loves school and it makes this momma happy.

I just signed my hubby and I up for our first 5K race together!! The race is on Mother’s Day weekend, and it’s a race I ran last year and loved. I’m really excited to be able to share that experience with him for his first race!

4. life happens

I have been trying to get back into a running routine after being sick two weeks and being on vacation. Although I did get a lot of steps while walking around Disney 2 days! My goal is always to run at least 5 days a week, and as long as I get a run in tomorrow morning, I will meet my goal for this week.

5. looking ahead

This weekend is our first dance competition! We are staying in the Youngstown area on Saturday and the girls have to dance bright and early on Sunday morning. Sunnie is so excited, not only to dance, but to stay in a hotel and hang out with her friends. And I’m excited to hang out with my girlfriends, too. One of the perks of Sunnie doing this competition thing is the friendships I’ve made with the other moms. It’ll be a fun couple of days!

And tonight my parents asked to have Sunnie for a sleepover – so the hubby and I are spending a much needed relaxing evening at home. The fire is going, the wine is flowing, and hubby is making me dinner (rigatoni with homemade meatballs…yum!). While he catches up on his tv shows, I plan to read and just enjoy the downtime. It feels like weeks since the last night we got to relax, so I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!



8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday ~ 3-3-17

  1. Kathy Reads Fiction says:

    Go, Sunni! I’m happy you love your new job. That’s when it doesn’t feel like a job but more something you love doing, and it’s great you got to work from home. I think Kristy Woodson Harvey had another book (if I have the right author?) that I was interested in last year but never got to read. It had a lot of lies and Southern drama in it, and I’ll have to look up the title. That’s great that hubby is going to run with you. Best of luck in grabbing that finish line.

  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Congrats to Sunni!

    I loved Never Alone…and hope to read my copy of Slightly South of Simple really soon. Enjoy your evening with hubby.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great weekend.

  3. stephaniesbookreviews says:

    Every year I tell myself will be the year I read Harry Potter, but it never happens. I doubt I will ever read it, to be honest. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new job! And that’s awesome getting to work from home and leaving early!

  4. Nadia says:

    Good luck, Sunnie and Congrats (on her report card)!! Sounds like you have had a great week 🙂 So glad you like your new job – that is awesome! HP is so much fun, I think you will like it. I think it so cool you and your husband are doing a 5k together – you both will rock it! Hope you have a terrific weekend!!

  5. Rachel says:

    Life sounds to be going so well for you at the minute, SO happy for you! And so excited you’re rereading HP. How far did you get last time? R xx

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