{WWW Wednesday} 2-8-17

W… W… W… Wednesday, hosted by Taking on a World of Worlds is a weekly meme showcasing what you just finished reading, what you are currently reading, and what you plan to start reading next. Except I’m changing it up a bit, since I can never plan what I’m reading next (moody reader). Instead I’m going to talk about a book I’ve recently added to my TBR that I’m excited about!


Haven’t had the best reading week yet again. Time just slips away from me, and I’ve had a lot going on. Dance competition time is creeping up on us in a month, so practices are going to increase, and Sunnie had a rehearsal this past weekend. Plus we just booked our trip to Disney in a few weeks! I’m so excited and can’t wait to tell Sunnie. She is going to be thrilled!


what i recently finished reading


This book was really good, and I love the authors writing. I thought it was such a beautiful story, but my only issue was it got a little too heavy on the smut at times, which felt out of place to me. I expected romance and feels and all that – but the smut took away from the seriousness of the book. Overall I still enjoyed it.


 what i’m currently reading


I treated myself to this book at Target last week, because I keep seeing it on Goodreads and other blogs. The reviews are all over the place – seems to be either a love it or hate it book. I’m not very far into it, yet.


WHat i have recently added to my tbr

I love horror and this one was calling my name. I hope it’s good!


 Reading anything good this week?



14 thoughts on “{WWW Wednesday} 2-8-17

  1. Nadia says:

    You are one busy bee 🙂 Sunnie is going to LOVE Disney – who doesn’t, right? I know what you mean about reading. All last week I didn’t open a book and then suddenly on the weekend I read three. I finished one on Monday and now I’m starting a new one today. Its like I can’t read and then all of suddenly I can’t stop reading – LOL! Hope you enjoy Behind Her Eyes 🙂

    • Brandie says:

      I wish I could open a book and finish it in one day. My reading this week has been so super slow and it’s frustrating me! Really hoping to finish this book today. It’s a good one…and I have NO idea where it’s going yet.

  2. alilovesbooks says:

    I really enjoyed Behind Her Eyes so hopefully you will too. A couple of minor quibbles but despite that it definitely makes for some addictive reading.

    Will be interested in what you think of The Devil Crept In. I’m always on the look out for a good horror story (they are few and far between).

  3. Michelle says:

    I really dislike when authors throw in smexy times just for the sake of it. It should be natural to the story. The last Tiffany Reisz novel was like that in my opinion. Great story but the oddly timed sex scenes ruined it for me.

    Good luck with competition season! I always think I am going to get a lot of reading done, but the music is so loud that it proves to be too distracting. Oh! Remember to bring earplugs. Sometimes, the music is that loud that earplugs can save you from a massive headache.

    Your Disney trip is going to be a blast. I hope you take and share with us lots and lots of pictures!

  4. Kathy Reads Fiction says:

    Oooh, The Devil Crept In looks interesting. I can’t wait to see what you think about Behind Her Eyes. I’m still waiting on my copy to arrive in the mail from the BotM Club, and you are right about the reviews.

  5. Yvo says:

    I hope you will keep enjoying Behind Her Eyes! I might just do like you and treat myself with a copy soon. 😉 The Devil Crept In sounds really good as well! Happy reading.

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