{Top 16 of 2016} New-To-Me Authors

I’m excited to be participating in KimberlyfayeReads Top 16 of 2016 end-of-year “event”from December 25-31! There’s a new topic each day! If you want to join in on the fun click here.

New-To-Me Authors

I love discovering new authors to read. When I was coming up with this list, I couldn’t believe how many new authors I tried this year! I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to pick up many of these authors’ books (Harmon, Chase, Bowen, Griffin). Most of them became instant favorites and auto-buys.

Amy Harmon

30171592 27237358 27343696

Julianna Keyes


Sarina Bowen

28161530 29087455 29087466

Bryn Greenwood


Sally Thorne


Laura Griffin

25945904 25228775 29432791

B.A. Paris


Ruta Sepetys


R.S. Grey

25774050 26795865

Megan Miranda

23212667 31445594

Blake Crouch


Bethany Chase

28791423 23303693

Karin Slaughter

24371990 28571414

Catherine McKenzie


Jennifer McMahon


Erin Morgenstern



12 thoughts on “{Top 16 of 2016} New-To-Me Authors

  1. evaallbooksconsidered says:

    So many in common with you this year like Julianna Keyes, Laura Griffin, Sally Thorne, Sarina Bowen and Megan Miranda! Great year for books ♥

  2. Yvo says:

    Quite a few of these are on my list as well! Megan Miranda, Blake Crouch, Ruta Sepetys, Amy Harmon, Erin Morgenstern… All without doubt wonderful authors. I’m glad you found so many new authors this year! ❤

  3. Benish says:

    I really liked All The Great and Wonderful Things as well -I have Behind Closed Doors on my TBR for the longest though.. thanks for sharing 🙂 added the first two books to my TBR.

  4. kimberlyfaye says:

    You discovered Sarina Bowen AND R.S. Grey in the same year?! Lucky you! I really enjoy both of their books so much! I think 2017 should be the year that I read Amy Harmon for the first time. I’ve met her. She’s wonderful. I’ve just never made time for her books.

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