Top 16 of 2016 Sign Up!

I’m excited to be participating in KimberlyfayeReads Top 16 of 2016 end-of-year “event” from December 25-31. There’s a new topic each day. If you want to join in for all of it — or even part of it — feel free to grab any (or all) of the graphics if you’d like to use them on your post!

To play along:

  • Post on your blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook — or anywhere else you might want to post — and declare your intentions to join us. It just takes a couple minutes. Please link back so others can join, too! 🙂
  • Add the link to your sign up post (wherever you posted it) into the Linky below. (This’ll qualify you for the giveaway!)
  • Grab the banner — and topic list — above and add to your posts.
  • Post your 16 favorites in each day (or only on the days that interest you) – you can choose from books published in 2016 or older ones you read this year.
  • Use #top16of2016 on social media.
  • Don’t want to write a blog post each day? Share your picks on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!
  • Have an awesome time looking back on some of your 2016 favorites and sharing them with your readers!
  • Tell your friends!



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