Bout of Books 16: Day Three





Number of pages I’ve read today: 134

Total # of pages read: 352

Books I read from today: The Woman in Cabin 10

Books I finished: The Woman in Cabin 10

#todayinsixwords: happy that I finished one book!

Finished my first BoB book last night! And it was delightfully creepy and awesome. Definitely recommend it! Now I’m having a hard time deciding what to start next. One book that I’m considering wasn’t even on my original list. Gah, decisions!


Pick the topic of your choice and share your 5 favorite books that fit. Topics could be a favorite genre, a favorite trope, book boyfriends, or ANYTHING.

I chose posting a picture on Instagram of 5 favorite books of all time.



Number of pages I’ve read today: 28

Total # of pages read: 218

Books I read from today: The Woman in Cabin 10

#todayinsixwords: just didn’t have energy to read

Still not feeling the greatest and wasn’t able to read too many pages last night before I fell asleep. The good news is that I love this book, and I can just tell something big is about to happen. I’m excited to pick it back up, and hopefully finish it today. And hopefully today will be a better reading day for me!


Show Off Your Shelves Photo Challenge. I shared my photo on Instagram & Twitter.




Number of pages I’ve read today: 190

Books I read from: The Woman in Cabin 10

#todayinsixwords: this book is creepy as hell

I’m fighting a wicked sinus infection, but thankfully I’m on antibiotics that are starting to kick in this morning. The only plus side to being sick was that I managed to read quite a bit of my book yesterday in between naps – it was the only thing to keep my mind off of feeling like crap. And this book is really good – creepy and suspenseful and hard to put down.


Introduce yourself on Twitter, Instagram, or on the blog post using six words, no more, no less. Use the hashtags #boutofbooks and #insixwords

I posted on Twitter


THE Books

I’ll be posting daily updates and participating in any challenges I can.  Hope everyone participating has a great week! If you want to still sign up, you can do so here.

So, we know I’m a moody reader, and picking a TBR pile is usually a wasted effort. But, it’s still fun to do anyway. Here are the books I’d like to read.

26048867 28517113 Picture1 26841747



1. Read as much as I can every day – lunch breaks and after my daughter goes to bed.

2. Finish one book.

3. Check in with other readathoners on blogs, Twitter, & Instagram.

4. Post an update each day.

5. Participate in one of the Twitter chats.

6. Have fun!



10 thoughts on “Bout of Books 16: Day Three

  1. evaallbooksconsidered says:

    Can’t wait to read the Woman in Cabin 10 and I can’t wait to see what you think of Swear on this Life!!

  2. Kathy Reads Fiction says:

    I’m glad to hear that about The Woman in Cabin 10 because I would love a good, creepy book. I LOVE Gabriel’s Inferno as one of my favorite books. I’m happy to see that one on your shelf.

  3. Yvo says:

    Yay for finishing your first book! I’ve added The Woman In Cabin 10 straight to my wishlist. 😀 And I enjoy November 9 as well; this book has definitely proven to me that it is possible to love a romance story. Happy reading!

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