{Monthly Recap} – January

Happy New Year and best reading month ever!

I feel like I always start the year off strong with my reading and then it’ll slowly start to decline. Finishing 10 books in one month is unlike me, but I’m pretty happy about it! Not only that, almost every book was a fantastic read! It’s going to be near impossible for me to choose a favorite. This was definitely one of the best reading months I’ve had in a long time – quality and quantity!

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Books I Read

F*ck Love – 5 Stars

Built – 3 Stars

He Will Be My Ruin – 4.5 Stars – Review to post with blog tour

The Shadow – 5 Stars

Behind Closed Doors – 4 Stars

Never Never: Part Three – 5 Stars

Fool Me Once – 5 Stars

What We Find – 4 Stars

One True Loves – 5 Stars

The Dirty Secret – 3 Stars

 Favorite Book(s) of the Month

One True Loves – 5 Stars

The Shadow – 5 Stars

F*ck Love – 5 Stars

Fool Me Once – 5 Stars

I couldn’t just pick one this month. I read too many awesome books!

Books Read in January: 10

Books Read in 2016: 10



What We Find

Fool Me Once

One True Loves

Never Never: Part Three

The Shadow

Behind Closed Doors


F*ck Love


Christmas Ever After

A Single Breath

Other Noteworthy Posts

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Things I’m looking forward to in February

Two books I especially have my eye on this month are Salt to the Sea and Find Her. I really hope to read them as soon as they come out! I’m also hoping to continue my awesome reading streak. I think the only reason I was able to read so much in January was because I have been sick with a cold/sinus infection for several weekends, and the only thing I had the energy for was reading. It helped pass the time and take my mind off of being miserable. I hope to be healthier in February, so the reading time may take a hit, lol.

As for running, I set a goal for myself to sign up for a 5k race at least once a month for the entire year. I ran one the first weekend of January, and am signed up for one next weekend. Here’s hoping the temps stay above freezing! My running the past few weeks has taken a major hit thanks to not feeling well, so I’m slowly working my way back into it, while trying not to over do it at the same time.

February Releases

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 What are you looking forward to in February?

Link up your Month in Review hosted by The Book Date.

Month in Review 6



12 thoughts on “{Monthly Recap} – January

  1. Kathy says:

    You had a great reading month!! I’m pretty much the same in starting out strong and dwindling down as the year goes along, but this year started slow for me, so I’m hoping it will pick up to find a true favorite of the year. Last year it was July before I found my favorite, and it never changed. I’m looking forward to TJR’s new one this year!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh fantastic month. Isn’t it great to read more than usual and find they were all worth it. You’ve certainly sucked me into One True Loves – the power of the blogger! So will be looking forward to reading it some time.

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