{Mini Review} A Single Breath


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About the book

Eva has only been married for eight months when her husband, Jackson, is swept to his death while fishing. Weighed down by confusion and sorrow, Eva decides to take leave of her midwifery practice in London and visit Jackson’s estranged family in Tasmania with the hope of grieving together.

Instead, she discovers that the man she loved so deeply is not the man she thought she knew. Jackson’s father and brother reveal a dark past, exposing the lies her marriage was built upon. As Eva struggles to come to terms with the depth of Jackson’s deception, she must also confront her growing attraction to Jackson’s brother, Saul, who offers her intimacy, passion, and answers to her most troubling questions.

Will Eva be able to move forward in life, or will she be caught up in a romance with Saul, haunted by her husband’s past? Threading together beautiful, wild settings and suspenseful twists, A Single Breath is a gripping tale of secrets, betrayal, and new beginnings.

My Thoughts

This book showed up in my Goodreads feed a few weeks ago, and I loved the sound of it, so I immediately went to Amazon and bought it. There was definitely an element of mystery and suspense that kept me glued to the pages, but there was so much more to the story – friendship, love, betrayal, healing. I adored this book and highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense


Published: April 8, 2014 by Touchstone

Length: 320 Pages


6 thoughts on “{Mini Review} A Single Breath

    • Brandie says:

      It had some serious creepiness to it at times, and I love that in books. Like an always-looking-over-your-shoulder vibe. But the added bonus of romance and friendship made it even better.

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