Books I’m Thankful For – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme is a Thanksgiving Freebie to do with whatever we choose.

It goes without saying how much I love reading, books, the authors that bring us so many amazing books, the escape it gives me, Goodreads for keeping me organized, my Kindle, and this wonderful book blogging community and all the friendships I’ve made. I’m extremely grateful for being a part of such a wonderful community that allows me to be me.


For today’s TTT, I decided to list all of the books that have opened my eyes to new genres and authors over the years. These books top my favorites list, and I’m so thankful to have read them. They’ve connected me with other readers and bloggers over the years, as well. Without so many awesome books in my life, I wouldn’t have that much needed escape that I love, and for that I’m extremely thankful!



Surrounded by controversy, and maybe not the most well-written series in the world (and I hate love triangles, so how did I see past all of that?!), but this series means a lot to me. It introduced me to a new genre, as I had never read anything paranormal or fantasy before. It gave me a common bond with a lot of my close friends, where we discussed the books and movies regularly. It was an obsession of mine for many years, the books and the movies. I enjoyed reading before this series, but Stephenie Meyer lit a fire in me and helped me rediscover just how much I loved to read.



This book not only gave me my favorite author, but it introduced me to a love of New Adult romance and indie books. I just happened to be browsing Amazon looking for something new to read the day I one-clicked this baby. And to say it changed reading for me is a major understatement.



My first major author love goes to Nicholas Sparks. Before CoHo, his books were the ones I ALWAYS had to own (in hardback no less), and I got so excited for a new release. I may have outgrown my Sparks phase, but my love of romance novels is all thanks to him.



Only the cutest YA book EVER. I wasn’t a big fan of YA at all until I picked up this book. What a big wonderful world it opened my eyes to. I have read some really fantastic YA contemporary novels over the years, and I thank Stephanie Perkins for giving me my favorite YA book still to date.



I used to read a lot of Chick Lit and found many favorite authors along the way. Even though I may be out of that phase at the moment, I feel like these books shaped my love of reading. I’m still a loyal Emily Giffin fan, and look forward to her new releases.


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Haters gonna hate, but it’s all thanks to E L James that I discovered a genre that I love, and then two of my absolute favorite series. I remember finishing the 50 Shades books and immediately going to Amazon to try to find more books similar to it. Amazon recommended Gabriel’s Inferno and Bared to You, which are two of my favorite series. So, thank you E L James, for introducing me to a new genre and in turn giving me some of my favorite books of all time.



Although Sarah Jio‘s books have been out for years, I never had the desire to pick one up until I read this one. Which led me to a new author obsession. I believe I have Netgalley to thank for this by approving an ARC and in turn introducing me to an author I’ve come to adore.



Exceptional books like this one are the reason why I LOVE suspense novels. I have loved a lot of suspense novels and authors over the years, but this is my most recent favorite.


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I only recently in the past year discovered a new type of adult contemporary novel most call marriage-in-crisis. I admit that I would have never picked up a book described as that in the past, but Landline and Rainbow Rowell helped me to be more open-minded, and because of this book, I have discovered Taylor Jenkins Reid, another favorite author. These books were emotional reads that I needed in my life at that moment in time. Books that make you think and appreciate what you have in life. Both of them have a special place in my heart and are books I recommend to everyone.



Last but not least, Kristin Hannah has been impressing me with her fantastic writing for years. Some of my all time favorite books are her books, and there’s no doubt they all pack an emotional punch. It was most recently The Nightingale that left a lasting impression on my heart. I not only found a new love for historical fiction, thanks to this book, but I was blown away by the powerful and incredible story. It’s one I think every single bookworm should read at some point in their life. Even non-historical fiction readers like myself will appreciate the message Hannah so perfectly conveys in this stunning novel.


So, there you have it. The books and authors that have shaped my love of reading over the years. I’m thankful they have given me so many wonderful books to love that have left a lasting impression on my heart.

11 thoughts on “Books I’m Thankful For – Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books says:

    Okay, you’re AWSOOOOME! I definitely owe it to Twilight as well because I got introduced to the new genre as well in which I’ve dived into more since then. I discovered NA books, well not through CoHo (actually I have all her books but I haven’t got the chance to read them yet, I am planning to marathon read them sooon!) but I did discover it this year and I’m devouring NA books like crazy! And I’m going to check the othet books in your post which I haven’t read yet. Great post btw! 😀

  2. Kathy says:

    I’m with you on being thankful for so many of the books on your list. They introduced me to many of the indie authors (Slammed, specifically), and you have so many on your list that I want to read badly. I’m very thankful for my books.

  3. Michelle says:

    This is such a great list. While I might not agree with everything you have on it – cough, Sparks, cough – we each love what we love, and your excitement for each of the authors/books is why we read.

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