Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

This is a weekly event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

  • Another week has flown by, and it has been pretty uneventful. I’m in the middle of reading two books – The Last Camellia and Forever, Interrupted. Trying to catch up on the Sarah Jio books I still hadn’t read, and it’s good so far. It’s pretty suspenseful and a very quick read. Forever, Interrupted is the only TJR book I haven’t read, and honestly I had been putting it off, because I knew it would be a really emotional read. And it has been, but I’m still enjoying it.
  • Last weekend was a lot of fun. Ran my second 5k on Saturday and had a blast. It was perfect weather, and I was happy with my time considering all the hills (which I haven’t trained a lot for). Sunnie’s cough returned on Saturday, so we spent the rest of the day resting to try to kick it.
  • Sunday she woke up feeling much better, thankfully, since we had plans to meet her bestie and her mom at the movies to see The Peanuts Movie. Sunnie loves all things Charlie Brown and has been talking about seeing this movie for months. It’s super cute, and she loved it!
  • I’m ready for a low key, relaxing weekend. We have zero plans, and I think that’s a good thing. My husband is now fighting the crud, and I don’t want Sunnie to get it back. A weekend of rest is what we all need.
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And this beauty came in the mail yesterday. Another for my CoHo collection!




#FitReaders co-hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About. I joined FitReaders, because I thought it would be a great way to help me stay motivated. It’s always more fun with support of your blog friends!

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Another 5k in the books, and it was a great experience. My friend, Nela, ran it with me. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect running weather! The sun was shining, and it was cool, but not too cold. There were some brutal hills, but even with the hills slowing me down a bit, I averaged a 9:45 min/mile, and finished at 30:16. I didn’t beat my last race time, but I’m really happy with it! It was a great event – over 800 people were signed up to run, walk, or bike ride – and all of the money raised went to benefit local families with leukemia and leukemia research. I definitely plan to sign up for it again next year!

My own little victory from this race was the fact that I finished it feeling really good, and like I could’ve kept running. The entire time I ran it, except for that last hill, I felt strong, and it seemed almost easy to me. Maybe it was a fluke and I just happened to have a good running day, but I am thrilled that all my training is paying off! Running has really changed my life, and I’m so grateful.

Now I have my eye out for the 2016 race schedule to see what other races I can sign up for. I’m definitely ready to try a 10k!

On a side note, I ran this morning and was experiencing some knee pain yet again. It comes and goes, but today has been the worst. I’m not even sitting at my desk at work, because it hurts less to stand (thank goodness we have stand up desks!). I’m doing exercises to help, but I think the biggest issue is my shoes. They have a lot of miles on them, and I’m told they are the worst running shoes, although I have loved them up until recently. So, I’m on the hunt for better running shoes, to see if that will help my knee issues. My friend Nela had the same issue and recently got a pair of Asics (she had the same Nikes as me before), and she swears the new shoes have made a world of difference. I guess it’s time for me to go shopping!




I was surprised to see they caught me crossing the finish line when the race coordinator sent out the event pictures!


35 thoughts on “Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

  1. pennma05 says:

    Awesome job on another 5k! That has to feel like a great accomplishment. I’ve walked a couple of 5ks and did a triathalon relay (I did the biking portion) but would someday love to be able to run a 5k. Baby steps for now because I’ve been having some heel pain lately.
    I definitely need to look into reading Sarah Jio. That book cover looks beautiful.

    • Brandie says:

      Thank you!! It felt really great to get another one under my belt. I don’t think I could ever do a triathlon, especially the biking part!! That’s great that you did! You definitely can’t push it when you are experiencing pain – I’m learning that today unfortunately.
      Her book covers are some of the prettiest covers ever. They are light, easy reads. Definitely good when you just need something quick and don’t want to do much thinking. That sounds bad – but I love her books!

  2. twimom227 says:

    Yea!! Congrats!! I used to love running races. In my 20’s when I started running, I started with one 5K per month (that was the goal) and after a few years, I ran a couple 1/2 marathons and one full marathon. Now I just stick with walking mostly, but would love to run another 5K if I had someone to run with.

    As for shoes – SHOES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!! I strongly urge you to go to a running store (not a sporting goods store, but one that focuses just on running). Have them look at your old shoes and watch you walk/run. They will help you find the best type of shoe for you. I also recommend purchasing insole inserts. I have ones that give more support in the heel area b/c that’s what is best for me – my feet and knees. With the amount of running you do, you should probably be in new shoes every 4-6 months. I wear mine out quickly and go 4-6 months. Also, you could buy two pairs of shoes and alternate them each run, so they don’t wear down as quickly. Keep us posted!

    • Brandie says:

      Thank you!! I’m definitely going to get some new shoes and hopefully it helps. I’ve put too many miles on the shoes I have now for sure. I found a local running store – right down the street from my house!! I didn’t even know it was there! I plan on having them fit me for shoes asap.

  3. Nadia says:

    Congrats! You are rocking it with these 5ks 🙂 And definitely get new shoes – it makes all the difference!

    I enjoyed that Jio book and can’t wait for another one by her – hopefully soon. Enjoy the new Hoover! I still need to read her books.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Running 'N' Reading says:

    WOO HOO! Way to go, Brandie! You are doing so great; I have no doubt that you’ll be ready to tackle a 10K soon. I would definitely suggest having someone fit you for some new running shoes and see how that changes things for you. I’m really excited to see The Peanuts Movie; they are my favorite characters!! Forever, Interrupted is SOOO good; I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Great run for the 5k, you did really well. Wow -eyeing up a 10K – nice big goal to aim for. Yes definitely worth trying a new pair of shoes. I use Nike myself but I’ve heard Asics are really good. For me its about fit. I got a new pair too this week because have a few niggly problems that I wondered might be shoe related – and I only walk! I see Jen has some great tips there re shoes.

  6. Kathy says:

    Sunni is a girl after my own heart. I love all things Charlie Brown, too. Go, you!! Crossing that finish line has to be an amazing feeling, and I envy you. I would love to run but can’t do anything like that since breaking my leg a few years ago. It just doesn’t work like it used to. lol I hope your hubby feels better soon and that you and Sunni stay germ free.

  7. StephTheBookworm says:

    Great job on the second race! It’s so much fun! I need to get back into racing and running soon. I’ve been experiencing some pain issues lately so I haven’t been very active. Luckily, the doctor found out it’s just being caused by some vitamin deficiencies and we are working on improving it as of yesterday. So long story short… I’m hoping to be feeling better soon so I can get back into it! 🙂

    I hope your knee feels better!

    • Brandie says:

      Thank you! I love my Nikes, because they are so light it’s like I’m not wearing any shoes. I love shoes that are really form fitting, if that makes sense. I need to find another brand that feels the same way, but doesn’t hurt my knees.

  8. Jade @ Reading With Jade says:

    Congratulations on the 5k – you’re nailing it with your running by the sounds of it! And how cool that your finish was captured on camera!

    It sounds like a weekend of rest is needed in your household – enjoy it! Autumn is the perfect time for a cosy family weekend.

  9. Michelle says:

    Knees hurting means your shoes are shot. They only last so long, and if you have been running daily, they are probably on their last leg. If your shoes worked for you up until this point, I see nothing wrong with continuing with that brand. Both Connor and Jim each have their favorites, and they both go through about a pair a month because they run so much. I could tell you approximately how many miles shoes will last but the number is failing me at the moment. So, I think you just need a new pair and it doesn’t require a trip to a fancy running store.

    • Brandie says:

      I have loved these shoes. I would love to just buy the same pair because they’re so comfortable. Who would’ve ever thought I’d go through tennis shoes like this – before I started running I owned the same pair for years. Lol.

      • Michelle says:

        Absolutely use the same brand again if you love them. I have had really expensive shoes that have only made things worse and really cheap shoes I adored. The key is finding shoes that work. It sounds like these have worked for you.

  10. Sarah Says Read says:

    Woooo, look at you go!!! Do you have a Fleet Feet near you? That’s the fancy shoe store we have around here that will take a video of you running a treadmill and analyze what the best shoe and insert would be. New sneakers helped me a lot, way back when.

    • Brandie says:

      Thanks! We don’t have Fleet Feet close by. The popular one around here is called Second Sole. There’s a few of them close to me, and it sounds like they do something similar to that.

  11. Kristin T says:

    Congrats on your race!!! I really need to look into some 5ks and 10ks near me – to walk not run 🙂 I think I’d like to make that a goal for 2016 – to do a few of them. I’ve walked 2 1/2 marathons and they are fun, but it would be nice to have smaller races to do on a regular basis. Thank you for the reminder to get new sneakers…When I’m training for a race, I’m so on top of that, but when I’m not, I tend to get lax. I agree with Michelle…if your current sneakers have worked for you, there’s no reason not to stick with them. I love my Brooks Ravenna’s – I think this will be the 2nd or 3rd time buying them.

  12. laurelrainsnow says:

    Congrats on the 5K….

    I haven’t participated in this Bookish/Not So Bookish event in a while. After reading Maybe in Another Life and After I Do, I am eager to read Forever, Interrupted.

    Thanks for sharing…

  13. Teddyree says:

    Congrats Brandie, you are rocking the 5k’s .. your ‘joy’ (is that the right word lol) for running is really inspiring. Asics and Nike are my go-to shoes but Nike are so much lighter. I only walk but I need to be a bit more generous with buying shoes, usually I wear them till they fall apart, time to change that.

    • Brandie says:

      It really is a joy to me! Crazy how things have changed in my life. Today is my non-running day, and I miss it. I really don’t like not getting up and running in the morning, now that it’s my routine. But I also know I have to give my knees and legs a day off.
      I love my Nike shoes because it feels like I’m running barefoot! I hate clunky shoes.

  14. Rachel says:

    Well done you for 5k number two!!! Did I just rhyme?! I did, didn’t I?

    Also, you got Illuminae? A sci-fi?! I can’t wait to see what you think, I’ve been debating that one. Also had my eye on Not After Everything as well. Great haul! R xxx

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