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This is a weekly event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

  • I can’t believe it’s November already! And Christmas is being shoved in our faces at every turn. Can we get through Thanksgiving first?! I will say that I’ve already made out Sunnie’s Christmas list and am ready to get my shopping over with. The shopping is definitely the most stressful part of the season for me, so if I can get it all done early, I feel like I can relax and enjoy the holidays.
  • Everyone was feeling better in our house, until the weather temps spiked and messed with us. Sunnie has another cough that I’m trying desperately to get a handle on before it gets worse. Her pediatrician is also referring her to an ENT in the hopes that maybe they will be able to figure out the solution to her constant sinus issues.
  • Sunnie had a blast with Trick or Treat last weekend! She doesn’t eat candy, but she got plenty of it to share with her dad. 😉 My hubby was successful in making my Grumpy Cat pumpkin (he amazes me every year with his skills), and we had a Halloween movie marathon, as well as watched the first Friday the 13th!

grumpy cat

  • I’ve been catching up on my blog this week. It’s been a long time coming – I’ve been a major slacker lately. Posted a series of Mini Reviews, with several more scheduled over the next few days. I’m glad to have some of my blogging mojo back. Now if I could just decide what to read next…


  • I finished a really good book this week – Ride Steady, but STILL haven’t decided what to read next. I was going to start something last night, but after Sunnie’s dance class, dinner, bath time, doing a load of laundry, and then getting Sunnie settled down enough to fall asleep (from having a coughing fit), it was 10 pm, and I was done. I took some NyQuil to combat my own sinus problems and hit the hay. I’m hoping tonight I can find a book to stick with.
  • I’m running my second 5k this Saturday, and I’m super excited! It’s a local fundraiser race that currently has 700 people signed up for it! I’ve had it on my radar for the past month, but after being sick last week and not training at all, I wasn’t sure if I could run it. I’ve gotten back into a decent running schedule this week, and have been trying to build my endurance back up. I may not be able to beat or even meet my time from the last race, and I’m fine with that. I just really wanted to get one more race under my belt before the snow flies.
  • As far as meals in our house last week – the chili was a big success and hubby has requested it to be in the meal plan for the next two weeks. I also tried a new recipe, Easy Beef Taco Pasta, that was really good. It made so many leftovers that I took some over to my parents for their dinner the next day, and they loved it. On the list to try these next two weeks are this Pasta Sausage Bake and Crockpot Steak and Gravy.
  • And because National Cat Day was last week, here’s a picture of my babies, just because.



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#FitReaders co-hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About. I joined FitReaders, because I thought it would be a great way to help me stay motivated. It’s always more fun with support of your blog friends!

Thu: 7,282 steps
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Sat: 22,917 steps
Sun: 17,033 steps
Mon: 20,487 steps
Tue: 14,953 steps
Wed: 14,161 steps



I’m back to my normal routine and SO glad. 5 runs this week, and that makes me happy! Yesterday was my rest day, but I still got in a 3 mile walk over my lunch break. I normally only take one day for rest, as my goal is to run 6 days a week, but since I’m running a race on Saturday morning, I’m going to take tomorrow off too. I’ll still try to get a walk in just to warm up my muscles, but I run better when I’ve had a rest day the day before. One of my best friends from work is running the race with me, and I’m really looking forward to it!


I have a question for you runners – if I’m running 5-6 days a week, is 3-4 miles a day (which ends up being 30-40 minutes for me) a good enough exercise regime? I keep reading conflicting articles online that stress getting at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Well, my knees are baaad, and I can usually only do one long run a week without them acting up. To burn calories and also eat more (cause let’s face it, that’s the main reason I run), I make sure I’m getting at least 5k every day, and sometimes more, if my knees are cooperating. Some days, if time allows, I will take a quick walk on my lunch break that equals out to be 60 minutes total of exercise a day, but I’m not able to do that every day. I know most people say to do whatever works for you, but I’d like to know what other people’s opinions are on how much exercise is ‘enough’ exercise in a week. I still track all my calories and this schedule has been working for me, as I’m maintaining my weight fine. But I get this nagging feeling some days that I’m not doing enough. And I don’t like doing any other exercise except running! I guess if it works for me, then it is enough, and I just need to stop reading stupid articles online. HA! 🙂



9 thoughts on “Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

  1. stephaniesbookreviews says:

    That pumpkin carving is amazing! I wish I could do something like that! And I’ve been liking your mini reviews! That’s a good idea. I tend to keep those for one post at the end of the month, but doing each one as it’s own post would help my posting schedule throughout the month when I go through phases where I don’t feel like fully reviewing anything.

  2. Tara @ Running 'N' Reading says:

    Wow! Your husband’s pumpkin is super cool, Brandie! I’m excited about your upcoming 5K, of course, and, in answer to your question (and please note that I am no expert!) I would say that you always want to err on the side of not enough rather than too much. Considering that you’ve talked about your knee uncertainty, I would stick with what’s comfortable for you at this point. I’ve only recently started running for an hour at a time on a regular (more than once a week) basis and I’ve been running for years; that’s not to say that I couldn’t have started doing it earlier, but never jump into something or increase your mileage too quickly. You’re doing great!!!

  3. Kathryn says:

    Pumpkin is amazing. Great stepping again after being sick, all the best for the 5k.I am not a runner for ages past but I would agree with Tara totally. Hope you get a good read soon.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m impressed with those mad pumpkin carving skills! It makes me think of CoHo’s pumpkin carving. 😉 I SO agree about getting through Thanksgiving first. I’ve seen Christmas décor and candy in the stores even before Halloween!! I hope Sunni feels better soon and that you get some answers. I’m glad she’ll be seeing an ENT. In the meantime, I’ll be running vicariously through you, so make it a good one for me (I need the exercise). 😉

  5. The Bibliophile Babe says:

    That pumpkin is epic! Hope they can figure out what’s bothering Sunnie!

    I wind up running an average of 3-4 days a week because my ankle cannot handle more (even wrapped, it buckles if I push and will hurt for a day or two after). I run and walk in the morning. Warm up walk, 1.5mi run, and then 3.5-4mi walk.
    For me, I get in 1.5-2 hours or more of exercise a day, from running, walking, and 15-40 minutes of yoga. I get neurotic and twitchy if I don’t meet that, plus I have very active dogs. I go until I feel calm and…fulfilled, I guess? I don’t know, there’s just this feeling of “yep, I’m where I need to be” when I’ve reached my fill. I say do what works for you! Maybe try some other exercise, even if you don’t like them, just to see if you feel more completed?

  6. StephTheBookworm says:

    Oh I love your cats! They look like they’re posing!

    I hope the ENT is able to figure things out with Sunnie! I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

    Wow, she doesn’t eat candy?! That saves you from having to deal with a sugar high… nice! Lol.

    I’d say you’re definitely doing more than enough exercise! Many people don’t exercise at all or just a couple of times a week so you’re doing great! If you have bad knees, I’d say definitely don’t push it. I was always afraid I’d mess up my knee or leg and then not be able to run at all anymore.

  7. Rachel says:

    Your hubby has some ah-mazing skills, your kitty cats are ah-dorable, and I hope peanut feels better soon. As for your exercise regime, woman, are you mad?! I think you do more than enough fitting what you currently do into your daily routine, especially if your knees are already bad (knee/hip injuries are what put me off running). On a good week, I do three hours a week in winter. In summer I sometimes do extra classes one after another because I’m energised with bright evenings. In winter it’s a struggle to even get my butt to the gym when it’s dark out. All these things are guidelines, 5 fruit or veg a day, so many units of alcohol a week, an hour a day of exercise… do what feels good and right for you, and you’ve certainly got the results to show that you DON’T need an hour a day to be in top shape! R xxx

  8. twimom227 says:

    Yea! The grumpy cat pumpkin – thanks for sharing!!

    I agree with what’s been said about exercise routines. There are so many different studies and reports. I personally think the reports that talk about the need for stretching and strength training along with the cardio is what is important. Of course, I am not doing much more than cardio right now, but… You could try some cross-training – cycling, swimming, etc. to get in the cardio without hurting your knees!

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