{Monthly Recap} – October

It seems like 4 books a month has become my norm these days. I guess that’s pretty good considering what a crazy month it was and fighting all the sickness in my house. I’m glad I managed to at least finish 4 books, with one of them being my favorite of the year! Definitely the two highlights of this month were getting to read an early copy of November 9 and running my first 5k.


Books I Read:


Daughters unto Devils – 4 Stars

November 9 – 5 Stars

The Dead House – 4 Stars

Secret Sisters – 2 Stars


Favorite Book of the Month:

November 9 – 5 Stars (review post during book tour)


Books Read in October: 4

Books Read in 2015: 57


Other Noteworthy Posts:

A Month of Creeptastic Reading

Halloween Top Ten Tuesday

Waiting on Wednesday: The Shadow by Sylvain Reynard

Things I’m looking forward to in November:

I can hardly believe it’s November already! I have to start thinking about Christmas, and I’m not ready!! This is the time of year that usually stresses me out. I’m determined not to let it, though. Everything always comes together like it’s supposed to. One thing I am really excited about is Thanksgiving dinner! Every other year I get to make the dinner and my parents come over to eat (the other years we go to my mother-in-law’s for dinner). I LOVE making Thanksgiving dinner  and having all those yummy leftovers!

And now’s the time to start reading some cozy holiday books. I’ve got quite a few on my Kindle that I’ve been saving for this time of year. There aren’t really a lot of new releases in November that I’m super excited about (except for November 9). So, I’ve listed a few of the holiday books I’m hoping to read over the next 2 months. I’m weird about reading holiday books after Christmas (I refuse to), so my goal will be to read at least a few of these by the end of the year. And hopefully they will put me in the holiday spirit!

Books I’m excited about in November

    25275996 25359328 25674125 26214652 26308659 25649030

 What are you looking forward to in November?

Link up your Month in Review hosted by The Book Date.

Month in Review 6



15 thoughts on “{Monthly Recap} – October

  1. Beth says:

    I just got The Mistletoe Promise a few days ago by Richard Paul Evans, I’ve heard so much buzz about it. I hope it’s good! The reviews are awesome for it. I’m like you, I can’t read Christmas books after Christmas, so I need to start that pretty soon lol

  2. laurelrainsnow says:

    Ooh, November 9! I want to read it….and it looks like it was a winner for you.

    I love Thanksgiving, but haven’t done the cooking in a long time…not since I moved into my condo with the tiny kitchen. I don’t love the cooking, so maybe I had an agenda with that kitchen. LOL.

    My daughter usually cooks, but this year, she said she’s taking a break and we’re going to her BF’s parents’ house…and they invited me, too.

    Enjoy your cooking and leftovers! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’m LOVING Maybe in Another Life.

  3. StephTheBookworm says:

    I love reading Christmas books too! I think I’m going to try and hold out another week or two and then start with my Christmas books and movies. I can’t wait for the new RPE book – I love him!

  4. Kathryn says:

    They all look fantastic books to read and of course Heartsong Cottage! I must buy the Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan, but have #2 to read and review first. Love that Puffin Island series.
    Enjoy all the celebrations, yeah Christmas can be stressful which is such a shame because it is a lovely family time.

  5. Yvo says:

    I saw Christmas decoration being piled up at the supermarket the other day and freaked out. I can’t believe the Holidays are just around the corner! Good to hear you loved November 9; I’m not a big romance fan but really liked her writing style in Never Never, so I might give it a go anyway. 🙂

    • Brandie says:

      It’s too early, in my opinion, for getting out the Christmas decorations already! I try to at least wait until the weekend before Thanksgiving or the weekend after. It’s just so hard to believe it’s November already! It drives me nuts that the Christmas decorations were already in the store before Halloween was even over!

      • Yvo says:

        Yeah, I totally agree… I don’t want to see any Christmas decorations before December, but that’s mostly because I grew up in Holland and there they celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ on December 5th… And here in Argentina it doesn’t even feel like Christmas since it’s in the middle of Summer lol.

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