Weekend Wrap Up

weekend wrap up

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book haul

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ARC’s of several books above kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


#FitReaders co-hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About. I recently joined FitReaders, because I thought it would be a great way to help me stay motivated. It’s always more fun with support of your blog friends!

Mon: 14,453 steps – Run
Tue: 11,892 steps – Walk
Wed: 14,136 steps – Run
Thurs: 13,442 steps – Run
Fri: 15,350 steps – Walk and cleaning house. 🙂
Sat: 15,857 steps – Run
Sun: 14,361 steps – Run
This may be the first week that I exercised every single day. I know I should give my body a rest day, at least from running, but I feel guilty when I don’t do some sort of exercise every day. On days I don’t run, I try to at least walk. I was really excited that I hit over 100,000 steps in a week for the first time since I bought my Fitbit! And I also ran 4 miles straight on Saturday and Sunday, which was a first for me. Feels good to push myself. I like to run longer on weekends, because my runs tend to be cut short on weeknights. I just don’t have as much time to workout with everything else that needs done each night, and I’m happy to get 30 minutes in during the week.
Hitting 100,000 steps for a week!!
First 4 mile run. TSwift helped me get through this workout.

 Bookish and Non-Bookish Thoughts

  • I finished two really good books last week. I feel like I’m reading so much more than I have in awhile, and I love it!
  • And I’m definitely more in the mood for suspense, after reading Precious Thing. I forget how much I love a good suspense novel, and I don’t read nearly enough of them.
  • The weather didn’t cooperate this weekend like I had hoped. I planned to take Sunnie to the park, but we had rain off and on both days. It was very unpredictable, but we did manage to at least get outside for some sun in between rainy periods. The forecast for the entire week is so dreary and rainy. I hope it gets nicer by the weekend because I have plans that involve being outside and working on my tan!
  • I stayed up to finish my book last night, and then we had storms roll in that kept me up. There’s not enough coffee in the world to wake me up this morning. And because of that, I’m making this  short and sweet. Have a great week!



19 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Teddyree says:

    I read more last week than I’ve read in weeks, I was so excited lol. I enjoyed Accidents of Marriage, it was my first Randy Susan Meyers read. *High five* wicked job with the exercise!! Have a great week and enjoy your new reads 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    Wow!!!!! You go, girl! Over 100,000 steps is amazing! My workout this week has come from cleaning, and today…l…from mowing the yard. Exciting stuff happening down here. *rolls eyes* I’m a suspense lover, too. I’m so happy to see you have Butterfly Weeds! Have a great week. 🙂

    • Brandie says:

      Thank you!! Lol…most days I only get my steps in from my treadmill, which is pretty boring. I miss running outside, but our weather has been crappy lately. I added so many new suspense to my list this weekend. I am dying to read them all – why can’t we have more reading time?! Lol. I LOVED your review of the new Laura Miller book. Now I have to read it!!

  3. Josephine says:

    I’m excited to see what you think of Every Last Word! And that’s a great amount of books you’ve hauled there. Especially I’ll Give You The Sun which is desperately on my to-purchase-and-read list (along with 300+ books)

    • Brandie says:

      I’m starting it today over lunch! I had to get I’ll Give You the Sun after loving her other book. It’s so hard not to get every single book I want, and my TBR is out of control! 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Holy cow, woman! You are amazing! I think I am going to hire you to become my personal training — to call me and kick me in the butt to get outside and get moving. After we get back from Nationals. Two more weeks…

    My husband has been running three to six miles every day since October. He has taken maybe two days off since then. As long as your body isn’t tired or sore, I don’t think there is anything wrong with exercising every day.

    • Brandie says:

      Thanks so much, Michelle! I’m happy to motivate anyone, as others have really motivated me the past year and continue to motivate me every day. I feel so much better when I run, and hate even skipping a day. That’s awesome that your husband runs every day! And that long, too! I only hope to get up to 6 miles some day. I am definitely feeling it in my legs today, so I may be sticking to a 3 mile run tonight. 🙂

  5. Kathryn says:

    Great looking book haul there. I want to read Accidents of Marriage, heard good things about it. Wow you are on your way to being a pro athlete the way you are clocking up the steps, awesome work.

  6. twimom227 says:

    What an awesome week for you! Great job!! That’s a lot of running, but as long as you listen to your body, you can keep it up! Maybe try for a mix of running/walking if you are feeling “run down.” 🙂

    • Brandie says:

      Thank you! Yes, last night I experienced some fatigue and just wasn’t feeling right. So I only managed a 2 mile run and walked the rest. Some nights I just have to listen to my body and take it easy.

  7. Rachel says:

    Go you and your fitness! I’m starting to walk this week. Walk, not run. I run like Phoebe out of Friends. But hey, it’s a start. Also, Somebody That I Used To Know, has that Gotye song stuck in my head now. R x

    • Brandie says:

      Lol, I know – I keep singing that song when I see the title too. Walking is better than nothing and somedays I prefer a walk. I can read on my Kindle when I walk. 🙂 LOL – I love Phoebe. I was watching old episodes of FRIENDS last night while I ran. xx

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