Weekend Wrap Up

weekend wrap up

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ARC of Love Thy Neighbor kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley.

ARC for My True Love Gave to Me kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley. I’m really excited about this book because there is a short story by Rainbow Rowell and it was edited by Stephanie Perkins!!

 Bookish and Non-Bookish Thoughts

  • I found a new suspense author I really enjoy – Rachel Abbott. I was randomly perusing Amazon’s mystery/thriller best seller list and this one popped up. On sale for only $1.99, I read some of the reviews and decided to give it a try. Loved it! It’s one that I couldn’t put down and sucked me in immediately. I’m definitely going to keep this author on my radar for future books.
  • I’m on a bit of a suspense kick right now. I want to read all the creepy books.
  • This is interesting – 3 Unexpected Health Benefits to Drinking Wine. Could my recent love of red wine be really helping with my horrible adult acne problem? Because it’s completely cleared up. And also, I’m the queen of getting sick, but I have managed to stay healthy for months. I know it is probably more to do with me eating better and losing weight, but I just love when articles tell me wine is good for me.


  • I just ordered 13 more books from Scholastic, for my daughter, because clearly I have a problem. I think I get more excited to order books for her than she gets about receiving them.
  • This weekend was a great one. Took peanut to a local fall festival where she had a blast, ate at our favorite place, did some shopping. Ended the weekend with a fire and cookout. If only the Steelers hadn’t lost to the Browns, I could’ve called it a perfect weekend. Seriously glad I decided a nap was more important than watching that train wreck on TV.
  • I took Monday off to spend the day with my hubby, because it’s his birthday. AND he has a rare day off work. Hoping to take the boat out for a little bit, if the rain holds off. I’m happy to have a whole day with him! Off I go to get ready. Happy Monday!





9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Andrea says:

    I’m glad you had a great weekend! I saw your affordable pics on FB. I wish I could still drink wine, but the sweet/acid started making my stomach hurt and I realized that my sensitivity to sulfites on it was making my allergies worse. So, beer it is!

  2. Beth says:

    Well I think I need to start drinking red wine, lol! Any recommendations for a brand? I’ve always been a mixed drink/beer girl lol.

    Don’t feel bad about the Scholastic book orders, my youngest lives for the book fairs every year, and her and my middle daughter are always getting kindle book, or going to the library lol. In fact, the only one out of the 5 of us that doesn’t really read is my son, but now that he’s in college he’s started reading a bit…only took 19 years! I read to him constantly when he was little, it just never stuck with him for whatever reason..

    That’s a great book haul! I haven’t started Sleep Tight yet, but I am excited to read it! Have a great rest of the week 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    LOL re Scholastic. I always went overboard with book orders for my kids. I also suspected that I was more excited about the Scholastic flyers than they were. 🙂

    • Brandie says:

      He did have a great day, thanks!

      Party Games was pretty cheesy and totally like I remembered the books to be back in the day. They are scary as a young person, but as an adult, not so much. Lol.

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