It’s Monday! What are you Reading?


its monday

This is a weekly meme started by Sheila over at Book Journey.

Vacation is over, and back to the grind.  I am happy that I finished 3 books last week and got a little reading mojo back.  That was one more book than my goal, so, yay! I did manage to unplug a little and just enjoy my time at home with my family.  It was a really wonderful week!  The next few weeks of work are going to be crazy busy for me, so I don’t anticipate a whole lot of reading getting done.  I’d really like to get back to the days where I could read my entire lunch hour, instead of working through it.  I’m going to make that my goal for the rest of the summer.








What are you reading this week?



9 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

  1. Rachel says:

    STILL on CoHF but getting there! Nearly at the 300 page mark, then I’m on to Beautiful Oblivion and then I’ve promised Stefani (Caught Read Handed) I’ll read Fahrenheit 451. Once I’m done with that I have the whole Infernal Devices series, and Walking Disaster and the rest of the Colleen Hoover books, oh and then I’m reading Pride and Prejudice in a read-along at some point, and I’m taking part in a #sexmeup readathon (you should so look out for this!), and then the Shatter Me trilogy and then…*keeps waffling on while voice fades into the distance* think you see where this is going… R x

  2. Andrea @ The Bookish Babe says:

    Second Chance Summer looks so good and I’ve meant to read it. I hope you continue to enjoy Up at Butternut lake.

    I’m currently reading Since You’ve Been Gone by Anouska Knight. It’s a Women’s Fic/Romance set in England which is pretty much my kryptonite. It’s excellent, so far.

    Have a great Monday!

  3. thebookdate says:

    Up at Butternut Lake looks good, I must do a check out of it. Hope those lunch times are only swallowed up by books.

  4. Teddyree says:

    YAY for reading mojo … Ooh I love the cover of Happenstance. I’ve got a Morgan Matson book on my TBR pile, not sure whether it’s Second Chance Summer but she’s an author I’ve been meaning to get to. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂

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