Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts


This is a weekly event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

–  Best.week.ever.  I love being home, and I’m sad today is my last day of vacation.  It’s going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow, especially knowing how busy my week is going to be.  Such is life.  Just going to enjoy my last day as best I can.

– I don’t normally post personal pictures on my blog, but I love this one from the parade on Tuesday night.  Peanut loved every minute of it.  It makes my heart happy to see her so happy.


– This will sound weird, but the highlight of my week is that fact that my daughter is finally potty trained.  After months of stressing and worrying about it, all it took was one day this week and it finally clicked.  Everyone had told me to let it happen when she was ready, but I won’t lie – I was starting to freak out.  You have no idea what a relief this is for me.

– I finished THREE BOOKS this week.  I really shocked myself, because I feel like I’m finally out of my slump.  I read Love, In English (review to come), Nash (I need a break from these types of books, I think), and Happenstance (LOVED – review to come).  Granted, Happenstance is a novella and I devoured it in a day, but it was SO good.  Landline comes out on Tuesday and I want to start reading it immediately.  This is the first book I’ve pre-ordered in a very long time, so imagine how excited I am.

– Had a date night on Friday and in exchange for being coerced into stopping at Gander Mountain with hubs, I got to also make a stop at Books-a-Million.  New books make me happy. Especially with sweet deals.


– I get a lot of recommendations for fantastic books from Andrea @ The Bookish Babe.  Check out her review today for Up At Butternut Lake.  I have been trying so hard not to add too many books to my reading list (because I just can’t keep up), but with a 5 star review and a cover like this – my love of cabins, lakes, and a good romance wins out.  This sounds so good and may be the book I start today.  I’m in love with this cover!


– Zero plans today besides entertaining the peanut and reading when I can.  I love days like this.


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has a great week.



4 thoughts on “Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

  1. Andrea @ The Bookish Babe says:

    I’m so sorry your vacation is over! I remember those days and I was always so sad. I hope you enjoy Happenstance. I was going to wait for some reviews of Landline to decide to purchase, but I got a random 70% email for it from Amaxon Friday night, so I got a hardcover for $6. Have no idea why I got that email, but I totally ordered!

    Thanks for the shoutout! I hope you love Butternut lake as much as I do! I’m dying to start book two!

    Have a great week!

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