Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts


This is a weekly event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

–  This week I’m happy that life is getting back to normal.  After dealing with insurance company bs for an accident my daughter and I were in a month ago, where the guy totaled my car, I finally got some resolution.  I am thankful that my little Matrix held up (THANK YOU, TOYOTA).  I miss that car, but now I’m driving an SUV and feeling a lot safer.

– 24 more hours and hello, vacation.  I’m happy to just have a week at home with the peanut.  And not having to set an alarm.  Hubby works in construction, so I never know if he’ll be home (because of weather).  If he gets a day home with us, I’ll be thrilled.  Also meeting one of my best friends for lunch on Monday and can’t wait.  Pretty much have something planned every day for the peanut and hoping the weather cooperates all week.

– I’m also planning on doing all the reading I can to make up for zero reading the past few weeks.

– Speaking of reading, I’ve read all of 25% of my book this week.  It’s shameful, really.

– Looking forward to a date night with my hubby next weekend.

– I really could care less about soccer.  But I’m not complaining about the fact we were allowed to wear jeans to work today because of it.

– I hate painting my fingernails (okay, it’s more of the removing of the nail polish that I despise).  I wish I had the patience and discipline to take care of them, but I just don’t.

– I could go for an iced mocha coffee right now.

– I’ve been using the Lose It app on my phone to keep track of calories, but I just downloaded the Fitbit app. Will it track my steps and physical activity during the day?  I really know nothing about it or how it works. I’m just curious how many calories I’m burning each day with my normal activities.  I’m guessing not a lot.  Because, let’s face it – I’m lazy as hell.

– I don’t like crowds or even being outside, but going to take the peanut to a local festival this weekend.  She likes rides and I like making her happy.  I could stand to get a little color before I start blinding people with my ghostly complexion.

Happy Weekend!



12 thoughts on “Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

  1. Andrea @ The Bookish Babe says:

    If you’re looking for a good health/weight loss app, I HIGHLY recommend My Fitness Pal. I’ve become faithful again, and it’s helped me lost 39 pounds since January.

    I hope you have a great weekend and a great vacation!

  2. a football fan says:

    LOL. I was going to recommend MyFitnessPal as well. 🙂 I just started on there, just over 2 weeks ago. I haven’t made a ton of changes, just cutting out on junk and soft drinks and counting carbs and I’ve lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s not much but it’s something and I’m THRILLED about it. Feel free to add me on MFP. I’m ~ ImzadiRose. Enjoy your vacation!! Hope you love it.

  3. Jade @ Bits & Bobs says:

    I hate applying nail varnish too. I rarely ever make the time for it. Luckily for me I only actually paint colour on my toenails and just coat over my fingernails in a clear polish – you barely see how in need a paint they are! You know what part of beauty regime I also really dislike, plucking eyebrows! Now at least there’s a reason to dislike that one eh, my pain threshold is not all that good. I survived a C-section but will do anything to not pluck my eyebrows. Haha!

    Enjoy your holiday time!

  4. Samantha says:

    That is so neat that your husband is in construction too. Rainy days is always bliss around here. =D

    I hear you about vacation..we are going to go on vacation next week and wow I can NOT wait lol. The beach here I come. I am tired of the stay-cations.
    Enjoy your vacation!
    (Iced Mochas are awesome!)

  5. Sarah Says Read says:

    Pale sisters unite! I’m super pasty… my co-workers definitely pick on my legs every time I wear a skirt, but I’m just not down with tanning beds and who has time and patience to actually lay around outside?

    WTH is going on with all this soccer lately… I have no idea what’s happening, but it’s all people are talking about on Twitter. Ugh.

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