Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Book Covers of 2014

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, to share lists with other bookish folks.

This week’s list is Top Ten Things We Like/Dislike About Book Covers.  I read mostly eBooks and don’t get to enjoy book covers very often.  I will admit that I totally judge a book by it’s cover when I’m picking new books to read.  I know I shouldn’t because I have read some really wonderful books over the years that had hideous covers.  In those cases, I’m so glad I didn’t let the cover deter me (ex: The Sweet Gum Tree).  

There are some covers that I’ve seen recently that stand out in my mind.  So, I’m just going to make this my Top Ten Favorite Book Covers of 2014 – books I’ve read or have on my list to read this year.

Top Ten Favorite Book Covers of 2014

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1. Goodnight June – My favorite cover of the year.  I had to buy this book in paperback so I’d have it on my bookshelf.  I love how a tiny picture of the book Goodnight Moon is in the corner.

2. Landline – I love all of RR’s covers.

3. Ugly Love – Another author whose book covers I always love.  This one is different than her norm, because it doesn’t have pictures of people on it.  But I love it.

4. Eleanor & Park – I mean, it’s just too cute.

5. Mortal Danger – Creepy.  I love it.

6. Maybe Someday – My favorite CH cover.  I love that there’s a picture hidden behind the title.

7. Sweet Filthy Boy – Just because.  I like the cover of the next book in the series, too.

8. Isla and the Happily Ever After –  The updated covers for this series are so much cuter than the originals.

9. Sway – I just think it’s cool and can’t wait to read this one.

10. The Bronze Horseman – Just because it’s pretty.

Honorable Mentions (some old favorites prior to 2014)

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1.Twilight – Hate all you want, this will forever be my favorite series and I’ll always love this cover.

2. Red Hill – This cover is just awesome and creepy.

3. The Guardian – I used to be a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and have always loved the covers of this book.  Especially this one, which happens to be my favorite book of his.

4. Virgin River – Because my ideal getaway is a cabin in the mountains and is why I love this series and this cover.

5. Attachments – So adorable, just like the book.



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Book Covers of 2014

  1. Rachel @The Readers Den says:

    I think I like Mortal Danger and Virgin River the best in your collection, Brandie! I love covers, and I’ve bought books before just because of the cover. Not the smartest move sometimes. Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey is one of my favorites. Great post! 🙂

  2. Jade @ Bits & Bobs says:

    You included some great covers, of them all my favourite is Landline. You’re quite right, Rainbow Rowell’s cover are always beautiful! I just need to get round to reading some of her works….

  3. Karsyn says:

    I too, judge a book by its cover. I’m forever reading descriptions of books recommended to me through GR that only have covers that I like, skipping boring or ugly covers. I know I’m probably missing out on good books that way, but I already have so much on my TBR pile, and add to it daily anyways, without the ugly books.

    You and I definitely have different tastes in book covers!! LOL! I love Virgin River though. A house in the mountains is awesome. We had that here in NC for 3 months when we moved in with a friend til we got on our feet. Now our place is in town (still up the mountains) but I still hold out hope to get back up a mountain alone in a small place of our own. I want our friends former place, it was perfect. If only we had a car, when she moved out we probably could have. 😦 Sigh!!

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